PNW Annual Award Recipients

Norrie Lamson Award

For outstanding service to Juniors and Jr. Race Programs over a period of several years.


“Chris helped us navigate two years of Covid challenges with a clear vision of how to balance the crucial need for operating safely while still enabling everyone across the team to have the great experience they needed. He had a clear vision for how we would do this and stuck through his plan with whatever twist and turns he faced.

Second, he’s done a remarkable job building a truly diverse and inclusive community. TAS draws heavily from Seattle and the program now includes a substantial number of athletes from diverse backgrounds, many of them first generation Americans. They have not only have these athletes been welcomed and supported by the team, but many are starting to thrive as competitors. Chris has built a strong culture for what it means to be a team and we are truly living our values.”

John Genoud Award

For outstanding service to Juniors and Jr. Race Programs over a period of several years.


“James Holcomb and Gillian Esson: There is more to being a race official than just working an event. These two individuals have worked many races in a variety of capacities. However, it is their dedication to helping new officials get certified that sets them apart. Over a number of years, they have annually let Referee/Jury Advisor clinics thus, helping the next generation of officials get started.”

Ken Comfort Award

Presented annually to a person who over the years has given freely of his/her time to help the sport of skiing, either recreational or competitively. In this small way their efforts are recognized. “For outstanding service to the PNSA and the Sport of Skiing.”


“Heidi is a coach for PVNT and leader for PNWJunior National’s squad. She set up all the logistics for the team’s trip to Minneapolis. This was her first time as the trip leader, and she did an outstanding job.”

“I cannot in good conscience nominate just one individual. That is because Jim and Bob Landwehr come as a pair. I truly do not know how long they have been in PNW, but as long as I can remember, this pair has been involved at Schweitzer coaching and setting up race venues Both are pushing the age that most people would stay at home and maybe walk the dog, but not these two…. When not coaching the Masters groups, they are out on the hill, setting B-Net, tearing down race venues, moving gates, slipping courses during races. Doing all the jobs that no one really likes to do, yet they never complain. Their attitude is always upbeat and encouraging, which makes it really hard not jump in and help. Besides, it’s hard to play the old guy card when they are making another lap. I consider it an honor and privilege to have known these guys and learn from them over the years. I wish I knew more details of what they have given to ski racing over the years, but I’m sure it is more than most!”

Olav Ulland Award

Outstanding Nordic Competitor during the past year.


“Derek Richardson for his top-level results at JNs (top 5) and JNQs (6 Wins). Real powerhouse of the division with exceptional leadership.”

Schwabe Award

Outstanding Alpine Competitor during the past year.


“Silver Medal in the U18 national Championship DH. Also scored 9th in SL, 12th in GS, and almost a 4th in SG, but missed the last gate! A true 4 event skier that has a great work ethic and is a topnotch role model for younger racers.”

Northwest Skier Award

Outstanding Junior both on and off the slopes.


“For her passion for the sport, her kindness to her teammates, her respect for the mountains, her resiliency, level-headedness, balanced perspective, focus on school as well as athletics, and progressive mindset. For standing up for what she believes is right, for fighting to make positive change in this world.”

Alpine Coach Award

Outstanding Alpine Coach


“Mike Kujala gives his heart and soul to athletes. He comes prepared, shares detailed information with fellow coaches after each training session and is available for questions and feedback in between sessions. He is in tune to both the technical aspect of coaching and the emotional needs
of his athletes. You can see athletes lean into his instruction. He cares and it shows in his relationship with athletes and fellow coaches.”

Nordic Coach Award

Outstanding Nordic Coach.


“The Plain program is now a model for all teams in PNSA to emulate. He tirelessly works for his kids, and helps in so many ways, but most of all, making sure that ALL kids, regardless of any barriers(cost being a significant one) can compete. This article written by one of his team members says it all”

Collegiate Nordic Award

Outstanding collegiate Nordic competitor during the past year.


“NCAA National Championship Individual Champion in 5K, 2 Time 1st Team NCAA All American, US Ski Team Member, US Olympian.”

Freestyle Skier Award

Outstanding Freestyle competitor on and off the slopes during the past year.


“After receiving his HS/AA diplomas through Washington’s Running Start program in June, Jack joined a World Cup development program in Canada where he excelled in 2021/22.

Since Ski Cross became FIS sanctioned in 2002, Jack became only the second American teenager to qualify for, and earn points in, the World Junior Champs, Europa Cup Champs, and NorAm Cup Champs in the same season, all within 5 weeks of his 19th birthday.  USSS selected Jack for the World Junior Champs team, and inscribed him for the Europa Cup
Championships after 4 top-10 finishes in his first 8 NorAms, plus a “regular” FIS podium.  Jack proved to be an exceptional US ambassador while in Europe, gaining an invite to train with the Austrian National Team in Reiteralm, then gained significant attention as the youngest qualifier on
day 1 of the Europa Cup Champs where he finished 23rd, then the 2nd youngest day 2 where he ended up 29th, notable achievements for a teen in a loaded field.  He then wrapped up the season with a 13th in the Canadian National Championships and 17th in the NorAm Cup final, followed by a USA Ski Cross sponsored interdisciplinary camp with top US
Alpine Racers, and a Canadian National Team session with both Alpine and Ski Cross coaches.  Jack has quickly established himself as a fierce competitor on the snow but a popular, humble and well-respected representative off of it.”

Unsung Heros

Given yearly to volunteers who made their clubs great!


Dean Neff: Dean is the mega volunteer. He helped over 24 days last winter with race set up, teardown, race day, and timing wire set up. He is always ready to help with B-net and will fund raise related projects like timing wire with no hesitation.  He is super fun to work with, smart as a whip and a real problem solver.  His dedication to the youth in ski racing and MRST is top notch.  Dean asks for nothing in return for his services but yet is always first in line at the next event!

MB Miller: MB has been an extraordinary volunteer/parent for TAS and the PNW Community. We hosted 3 sets of races this year (Webb Moffett, Dave Kincaid (U12-) and the Evergreen Cup finals.  Each had an array of challenges from tough weather to a massive power outage across the region.  MB was steadfast in his efforts to recruit, train, feed, communicate, and organize. He does it all, large and small and his efforts paid off! He does this all with great organization, hard work, and a timely sense of humor and perspective.

John Barnett: Master Chief of Course!

Jason Peterson: 

Jason has tirelessly set up timing wires for all of Mission Ridges races including the 5th series on multiple venues in an ad hoc setup.   Jason and his family have contributed to the success of Mission Ridge’s race program over the past 5 years

Jen Snyder: Volunteers for Course Crew at every single race she attends. One of the hardest and most dedicated workers on the hill.

Celeste Darling: Volunteer coordinator for MRT. One of the most vital jobs for the ROC.


Northwest Cup Overall Champions:

Northwest Cup Race of the Year

Voted on by the athletes
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