PNW Annual Award Recipients 2023

Norrie Lamson Award

For outstanding service to Juniors and Jr. Race Programs over a period of several years.


He is the former Mtn. Manager and is our main groomer.  He works closely with our team everyday to make sure that the runs we are training and racing on are the best they can be.  He understand ski racing and training and what we need.  He has been grooming for… forever and he is amazing.  He puts in some long, long hours to make sure we have the best surface possible.”

John Genoud Award

For outstanding service to Juniors and Jr. Race Programs over a period of several years.


“TD, Chief of Course, B-Net Guru.  Rob has worked so hard to make ski racing in the Northwest accessible to many and safe for all.  He has a wealth of knowledge that he willingly shares with course workers and TD,s in the Northwest”

Ken Comfort Award

Presented annually to a person who over the years has given freely of his/her time to help the sport of skiing, either recreational or competitively. In this small way their efforts are recognized. “For outstanding service to the PNSA and the Sport of Skiing.”


“As NCC chair for several years, JN trip leader, a Chief of Competition, and a Nordic TD, Alans has stayed and remained involved in the sport for many years since moving to the PNW.  He has remained involved and even though he is (thankfully slowly!) angling towards a ‘retirement’ from these things, he still cares deeply about setting up the next generation for success by mentoring those newer in their roles in the sport.”

Olav Ulland Award

Outstanding Nordic Competitor during the past year.


“Hands down winner in a filed of talented young Nordic athletes.  She is a tenacious trainer and driven competitor.  Her hard work won her the honor of racing with a team of U.S. junior athletes in Finland this past year, where she had some exceptional results (9th place in the freestyle race).  She then went to the U.S. Junior National Championships in Fairbanks and finished second in all races contested.  She is consistently the top placing PNW Nordic athlete in national events.”

Schwabe Award

Outstanding Alpine Competitor during the past year.


“Sophia had a remarkable season as a U16 athlete.  She is the Northwest Cup Overall winner, winning all but 3 races contested during the season.  She was the lone PNW athlete to attend the U16 Nationals where she placed 9th in SG and 4th in SL.  Sophia is a great teammate and leader and remains humble even as her accomplishments grow.”

Northwest Skier Award

Outstanding Junior both on and off the slopes.


“Christian is a first year PG athlete with MHA.  He returned from injury this year.  By the end of the season, he managed to return to his best top form, where he left off the prior year.  He was patient and was a great example to our entire team and anyone else who paid attention.  Christian was a leader of our team for all levels of kids.  He was frequently mentioned by parents for the one on one encouraging discussions he had with younger kids – the first year FIS kid who go hurt before his first FIS race, the only kid in the group who didn’t make it to Championships, the kid who is still small but is going to grow… Christian sees all those things and his words to these kids are kind and encouraging and have a lifelong impact.  Christian is the kid/the athlete that we want all kids to aspire to be like.  He has worked hard to get where he is today.”

Alpine Coach Award

Outstanding Alpine Coach


“Buddies Coach at White Pass.  Dusty is an exceptional coach.  She has led a very small team to become a very competitive U12 Alpine Race Program.”

Nordic Coach Award

Outstanding Nordic Coach.


“2 athletes qualified for U14 Nordic Ntions Cup and 10 or 11 to Junior Nationals.  Not just great for his athletes but works hard and cares deeply about kids across the division and the long-term success of all involved.”

Collegiate Nordic Award

Outstanding collegiate Nordic competitor during the past year.


“2X NCAA champion this year.  9 career wins in 3 years at Utah.  Never worse than 3rd in RMISA racing (16 podiums in 16 races including 9 wins)  In addition Novie is a member of the U.S. Nordic team competing on the World Cup as well as NCAA’s and attending school.  Pretty remarkable to juggle all these things with success in all.”

Freestyle Skier Award

Outstanding Freestyle competitor on and off the slopes during the past year.


“Jack capped off an impressive Ski Cross season with the gold at the US Nationals in April.  Jack had 1 other FIS win, 2 NorAm podiums, USSS Selections to the World Junior Team and the World University Games Team (4th highest finish ever by an American) and hit the FIS World Cup point threshold 3 weeks before his 20th birthday.  In 22 starts, he had 12 top 10 finishes (9 top 5) and moved up to #5 in the US and #80 in the world.  Jack secured the first NorAm podium by a PNW racer since Robbie Mahre in 2014, and now has 8 total career podiums, 3 behind Robbie’s career total.  Despite his youth, Jack is increasingly viewed as a mentor and role model for the wave of ski cross racers coming up through the USASA and FIS ranks.  He always makes time to talk and help the younger USA racers with advice, strategies, tactics and gear prep.  He is very popular with his seniors, peers, and coaches in both North America and Europe, and particularly known for his work ethic, Sportsmanship and humble nature.  He continues to serve as an exceptional US ambassador.”

Unsung Heros

Given yearly to volunteers who made their clubs great!


Sara Stiles, MHA: Sara was previously our Volunteer Coordinator and not only coordinated our volunteers, but she was a volunteered and filled in wherever help was needed.  This year she took on being our RA and still managed to coach and assist the two new volunteer coordinators who took over her old job.  She is calm in the midst of craziness, she is organized, she works a full time job at Intel and still manages to get everything she needs done to make sure that our team is running smoothly.  She does it all with a joke and a smile.

Mark McCorkle, MRT –  timing wiz at Mt Hood Meadows Race Team.  He’s worked to bring professionalism to our race production.
James Oellrich, MRT race admin.  He was thrown many curve balls this year and ran his first Buddy Werner event.  He knocked it out of the park.
James Green, MRT race production.  Kids have been out of racing for 10 years and he’s still an important member of the MRT race production team.

Jen Snyder, WPSC – Race worker extraordinaire.  You’ve seen her on course crew at almost every level of race held in PNW.  Thank you Jen to your commitment to ski racing.

Jim Doudna, SARS and Rob Cravens, MBSEF.  They have both kept the Masters Division alive in our area with hard work and perseverance.

Rob brought the Masters Nationals to Mt Bachelor this year within the time frame of one week when the National race event was cancelled at Mammoth Mountain due to too much snow.  An amazing feat that brought over 100 racers to Mt Bachelor with glowing reviews of how the races were run, the venues and simply, folks had a great time.  He is also our Masters Division Leader and has been key to keeping our program alive.  We know we can always go to Rob with questions or concerns, and he addresses them quickly and with much thought. 

Jim has worked tirelessly to create a Masters Race schedule despite many obstacles.  He knows the ins and outs of all the clubs as he has worked races at the local, regional and national–even international, levels.  Jim is our key go-to man for race information, questions about venues and the ins/outs of Masters Racing.  His ongoing service has been invaluable to all the Masters Racers. 

The two of them have kept our Masters program alive with many, many hours of work over the years that deserve to be recognized.  Thank you for your consideration of this dual award.

Jordan DeYoung, White Pass Ski Resort—Jordan works full time for the ski area as well as spending countless hours dealing with everything from club registration, insurance, race admin, and all things in between.

Mike Greenslade, MHA – former ski racer, coach and now parent volunteer.  Mike has been a fixture at MHA his entire life.  He always has a smile on his face and a huge hello hug.  Thanks for all your support of ski racing on Mt. Hood and in the Northwest.

Northwest Cup Overall Champions:

Northwest Cup Race of the Year

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