Junior Nationals Qualifiers

Junior Nationals is the season ending event for aspiring Nordic competitors.  The event brings together the best young XC skiers in the Nation.  Junior Nationals is held in a different part of the country each year in early March.  Past locations include Soldier Hollow, Ut; Minneapolis, MN; White Face, NY;  Donner Pass, CA.  The 2024 Junior Nationals will be held in Lake Placid, NY.

Each year before the beginning of the ski season the Nordic Competition Committee (NCC) will select certain ski meets, each normally consisting of separate races on two consecutive days, to be Junior National Qualifier Races.  The NCC may use one meet from outside the division as a qualifier race as well.  This is to expose the skiers of PNW to competitors from outside our division.

You will find the Junior National Qualifying race schedule below.

JNQ Season Standings

Letter to Prospective PNW Team Members and Parents

⇒Podium Wear Uniform Password – PNW2024

⇒Junior Nationals Payment  $2950 by Check.

Mail to: PNW  1329 Section Ave  Quincy, WA  98848

Pay With PayPal  $3060.00





Congratulations 2024 PNW Junior National Nordic Team

(Photo to come)

U18/20 Men:  Parke Chapin, MBSEF; Quinten Koch, PVNT; Silas D’atre, PVNT;  Zachary Schockey, MBSEF; Catcher Kemmerer, MBSEF; Fergus Waag, TeaCup; Emmet Bondi, MVNT; Toby Spencer, MBSEF; Isaac Pooler, Spokane Nordic; & Will Mowry, MBSEF.


U18/20 Women:  Delaney Jackson, MBSEF; Piper Widmer, MBSEF; Sophia Capozzi, MBSEF; Kirsten Jarmin, PVNT; Louisa Lamarre, MBSEF; Isabel Menna, PVNT; & Khloe Laughlin-Hall, MBSEF.


U16 Men:  Aidan Sands, MVNT; Ben Kaufman, MBNT; Kian Reid, PVNT; Micah Saugen, PVNT; Olaf Saugen, PVNT; Irving Stoller, MBSEF; Tarin Worden, PVNT; Aaron Pooler, Spokane Nordic; River Ferguson, MVNT; & Kolston Breaux, PVNT.


U16 Women:  Caroline Menna, PVNT; Adeline Loewen, PVNT; Freyja Leitheiser, MBSEF; Maddie Carney, MBSEF; Wylie Smith, MVNT; Alida Burt, MBNT; Kaia Vrbata, MBSEF; Avery Houghton, PVNT; & Ava Burrington, MVNT.



Team Lead/U18U20 Women – Heidi Loewen, PVNT.

U18/20 Men – Raleigh Goessling, MVNT

U16 Men – Gabe Norby, PVNT & Colin Sands, MVNT.

U16 Women – Lydia Youkey, MBSEF

Head Wax Tech – Pete Leonard, MVNT

Wax Techs – Pierre Niess, PVNT; Reitler Hodgert, MBSEF; Kelly Ryan, TeaCup; & Adam Tuff, Momentum.

Team Cooks – Danica Ready, MVNT & Christie Saugen, PVNT.



2023 PNW Junior National Nordic Team

U18 / U20 Men:  Zach Schockey, MBSEF; Catcher Kemmerer, TLNC; Peter Norby, PVNT; Reed Wuepper, MBSEF; Dexter Delaney, MVNT; Carter Sheley, MVNT; Graham Sheley, MVNT; Fergus Waag, TLNC; Will Adams, MBSEF; Peter Grover, MBSEF.  

U18 / 20 Women:  Neve Gerard, MBSEF; Delaney Jackson, MBSEF; Bridget Burns, SNSA; Stella Scholz, MVNT; Kirsten Jarmin, PVNT; Dashe McCabe, MVNT; Piper Widmer, MBSEF; Isabel Menna, PVNT; Serenity Saugen, PVNT; Lily Antoniuk, SNSA; Louisa Lamarre, MBSEF; Daniella Dispenza, MBSEF.

U16 Men:  Silas D’Atre, PVNT; Quinten Koch, PVNT; Will Mowry, MBSEF; Ben Kaufman, MVNT; Micah Saugen, PVNT; Kian Reid, PVNT; Aidan Sands, MVNT; Olaf Saugen, PVNT; Isaac Pooler, SNSA.

U16 Women:  Caroline Menna, PVNT; Adeline Loewen, PVNT; Maddie Carney, MBSEF; Becca Wade, SNSA; Marta Schkrohowsky, MVNT; Nora Josie Bolinger, MVNT; Freyja Leitheiser, MBSEF; Sophia Capozzi, MBSEF; Piper Antoniuk, SNSA.

Katie Ries, SNSA, Adelayde Schumaier, Ellensburg, and Andrew Haskell, SNSA were named to the team but have chosen not to attend.

Team Acronymns: 

MBSEF – Mt Bachelor Ski Education Foundation

MVNT – Methow Valley Nordic Team

PVNT – Plain Valley Nordic Team

SNSA – Spokane Nordic Ski Association

TLNC – Teacup Lake Nordic Cluba


JNQ Events

Events are published on the Nordic Calendar
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