Why Volunteer?

Volunteers are a key part of every race team. Volunteers serve a number of roles within a club, especially on race day.  Behind the scenes jobs include making lunches for the race crew, helping with awards, being a runner for the Race Administrator and/or timing crew, taking care of the race bibs, working on the course crew, announcing times in the finish area, or gatekeeping.  Every job is essential, and like the old saying, many hands make light work.  Volunteering is fun and gives you a chance to connect with other parents involved with your home team.  At the end of the race day, it feels great to be part of a team that successfully pulls off a great event for the athletes.

GAtekeeping -
it takes a village

Gate Judging for Slalom and Giant Slalom events is one of the more interesting jobs during a race.  You have a ring side seat to watch every person in the event.  You are literally on the 50-yard line for the entire race.  It doesn’t get much better than that.  The job involves watching the racers feet go around each gate to make sure they navigate the course correctly.  The Head Gate Judge will give you specific directions at the Gate Judge meeting prior to the race.  Then you will head out to the racecourse and be assigned your position for the event.  Yes, it’s a full day’s job, but usually comes with some great on hill perks – a homemade lunch, warm drinks, and breaks between runs.  Interested?  Check out the Gate Judge Video for more information.

View Gate Judge Video

PNW Board of directors

The PNW Board of Directors guides the division throughout the year, overseeing the Alpine and Nordic Competition Committee’s and the PNW Executive Director.  The board’s role is to make sure that PNW is following the rules and guidelines set forth by US Ski and Snowboard, as well as make decisions that affect racing in the Northwest.  Board members are elected for a 2-year term and are eligible to serve a total of 2 consecutive terms.  Interested? Contact a board member or a member of the nominating committee for more details. 

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