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Choosing your clinic

When it comes to an Alpine or Nordic Ski Race, there are many jobs for certified officials.  Choosing your certification path is easy.  Think about what you like to do during a race.  Are you into details and technology?  Timing and Calculations or Race Administrator could be right up your alley.  Prefer to be on the snow so you can see all the action?  You might prefer to be Chief of Race, Chief of Course, or a Jury Advisor.  The final step for a long time certified official could result in becoming a Technical Delegate (TD).  The TD oversees all aspects of the race, working closely with the Race Organizing Committee prior, during and after completion of the event.  You can read all the details for your sport in the links below regarding certification

The ROC - The Jury

ROC – Race Organizing Committee = Event Host

The actual running of the race is covered by the ROC.  The ROC will consist of a Chief of Race, Chief of course, Race Administrator and a Chief Gate Judge.  The ROC appoints the Start and Finish referees for the event.  Each of these positions must be held by a US Ski and Snowboard Certified Official.  Course setters may be appointed by the ROC, subject to the approval of the Team Captains and the Jury.

Jury – Responsible for decisions pertaining to the race

The Jury consists of the Technical Delegate (chair of the race jury), a Referee, Asst. Referee (speed events only), and the Chief of Race (also on the ROC).  All members of the jury, as well as course setters, must be certified US Ski and Snowboard officials.

Alpine Education Material

⇒Education material is specifically designed for every certified official category.  Below you can find the study guides for each type of certification. 

Requirements for Becoming an Official

  • Become a US Ski and Snowboard Member with an Officials License
  • Take a certification clinic
  • Take the test
  • Work a race in your chosen officials area
  • Attend an Update Clinic every 2 years to maintain certification

Officials calendar

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