About Nordic

Nordic/Cross Country competition in the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon, Washington, and Western Idaho is organized and conducted by the Pacific Northwest Ski Association (PNW). PNW and its competitions are organized under the guidelines of the International Ski Federation (FIS) and US Ski and Snowboard.

The Pacific Northwest Ski Association was organized in 1930 and developed out of the need for uniformity in all phases of Nordic/Cross Country competition. PNW works with US Ski and Snowboard in establishing the eligibility and qualifications of competitors, setting standards and certifications for coaches and officials, and organizes clinics and training programs for all Nordic/Cross Country disciplines. As a division of US Ski and Snowboard, PNW plays a key role in all U.S. Nordic/Cross Country competitions. PNW’s competition program is the first step for Nordic/Cross Country competitors to national and international amateur sports competition. PNW is a non-profit organization and operates for the benefit of all PNW and US Ski and Snowboard members in the Pacific Northwest division.

Our Purpose

To develop and support Nordic ski programs in the Pacific Northwest.

To promote Nordic competitions among young men and women, and to encourage the formation of Nordic clubs and training programs in the Pacific Northwest.

Encourage physical fitness, intellectual development, and social growth through a commitment to excellence in all PNW athletic events and educational programs.

To work with US Ski and Snowboard in providing competitors with a fair and understandable method of athletic advancement to PNW, Regional and National competitions.

To develop an annual competition calendar of US Ski and Snowboard and FIS events to be held in the Pacific Northwest, and to oversee those same events, thereby, assuring a fair and enjoyable experience for all US Ski and Snowboard and PNW competitors.


The administration of Nordic/Cross Country competition in PNW is the responsibility of the Director of the Nordic competition committees that represent the interests of each athletic discipline. The Director, in turn, is responsible to the PNW Board of Directors. The Director of Nordic/Cross Country appoints chairpersons to oversee the various subcommittees to implement policy in their technical areas.

PNW’s athletic programs are designed and implemented by professional coaches and administrators as well as an active group of dedicated and knowledgeable volunteers. In addition, PNW has direct input to the policies, procedures, and guidelines of US Ski and Snowboard through PNW’S representation at various committee and subcommittee levels of the national organization.

PNW maintains a year-round office to support the needs of PNW competitors, coaches, officials, volunteers, and clubs. The office disseminates important information regarding race schedules, racer qualification and selection to traveling teams, coaches and officials clinics, etc. The office is available to help all PNw clubs and individuals.

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